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My 90 days of eating healthy bread

My 90 Days of Bread: Heber Miguel

Bread was a large part of my diet until I hit my late teens and early twenties. At this time, […]

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bread basket low carbs

Is Avoiding Carbs in Your Diet Smart?

In 1972 Atkins came out with a diet that would dramatically change our love affair with bread: low carbs! The […]

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no bread

Caution: May Contain White Bread

There is nothing quite like the soft, squishy texture of commercial white bread. These days your friends would call the […]

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windmill bread dutch

Dietary Mysteries of the Dutch Revealed

How do they stay so thin and eat so much bread? Do you love bread and cake? If you live […]

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What is it About Bakers?

What is it about bakers? Do they unknowingly smell like baked goods like a secret pheromone effect? When learning someone […]

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salt - sodium intake - bread

Hold the Salt! Sodium and Bread in Your Diet

On days six and seven of Dr. Carson’s bread diet we were faced with a bread myth we had hoped […]

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bread whole grain

Whole Grain Bread is a Whole Food

Whole grain bread is a whole food. A quick look at Dave’s Killer Bread 21 whole grains and seeds nutritional […]

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asia, asian bread

Traditional Asian Bread Recipe Roundup

Do you think Asians don’t eat bread and only nibble on rice? Think again! Asia has a long history of producing […]

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heart bread carbs weight loss good

Are Carbs Good or Bad for Your Weight?

We all have heard that carbs are bad when it comes to weight loss. It is no secret that eliminating […]

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Africa Moroccan Pita Bread.

Around the World: Breads of Africa

Grains and starches make up a large portion of the foods eaten in Africa. These foods include rice, yams, corn […]

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vintage- eat bread 90

History of Bread

Here’s a quick timeline of the History of Bread: From the first flat bread and ovens, to sliced breads and […]

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eat bread 90- bread

All of Your Bread Questions Answered

Why is bread put on the table at restaurants? Many theories exist as to why restaurants put bread on the […]

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dough-eat bread 90- recipe

Bread Recipe Roundup

If all this talk about bread is making you hungry, why not give a shot at making your own? There’s […]

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heart-healthy-weight-eat bread 90-lose weight with carbs

Can I Eat Carbs and Lose Weight on this Diet?

Lose weight? Even if I’m eating carbs in the form of a pound of bread a day? When I am […]

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bread-loaves-3-eat bread 90

Bread Q&A: Is Today’s Bread like Neolithic Bread & More

Does today’s bread resemble Neolithic bread? The basic process is the same.  The whole grains are ground and milled and […]

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eat bread 90-Q&A

Bread Q&A: What Kind of Bread is Good for You & Other Questions

For a food as simple as bread, there are lots of questions about it! What kind of bread should I […]

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workout-exercise-eat bread 90 -run

Diet and Exercise During EB90

Now that I’m adding a loaf of bread daily to my diet, the main comment has been something like, “OMG! You […]

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bread misconceptions and myths

10 Bread Misconceptions Debunked

When did bread become the enemy to healthy living?  Bread has been around since the beginning of civilization. It is […]

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gluten free, celiac, celiac disease, wheat allergy, wheat intolerance, gluten misinformation

Gluten is Evil and Bad for You. Or is It?

What the heck is the deal with all the gluten misinformation and haters bashing it? The soft chewy texture of […]

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The Benefits of Bread

Bread has a long history as a nutritive food source. As the oldest known prepared food, it’s no surprise the […]

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