Founder of BAKERpedia, Dr. Lin Carson will embark on a 90-Day Bread-Eating Challenge (EB90) to dispel the myth that bread alone is responsible for weight gain and bloating and how, with healthier options, bread provides numerous health benefits and prevents cravings.

The 90-Day Bread-Eating Challenge starts April 3rd when Dr. Carson will consume a whole loaf of bread a day for 90 days. That’s right:

One loaf.
Every day.
For breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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bread crumbs

Is This the End of My Bread Diet? What a Journey it's Been!

“Aren’t you glad you’re on your bread diet anymore?” Honestly, it’s with a heavy heart that I agree with that […]

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french bread

A Tradition in Swiss Bread: Day 89 and 90

Eat bread from Switzerland? I don’t know if I’ve ever tasted bread from there before! I am really amazed that […]

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steamed buns

Not All Breads are Baked: Day 87 and 88

Steamed buns just might be the world’s most perfect food! Also known as Mantou, the history of steamed buns dates […]

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Blog and Other Fun Facts About Eating Bread

bread basket low carbs

Is Avoiding Carbs in Your Diet Smart?

In 1972 Atkins came out with a diet that would dramatically change our love affair with bread: low carbs! The […]

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no bread

Caution: May Contain White Bread

There is nothing quite like the soft, squishy texture of commercial white bread. These days your friends would call the […]

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