Dr. Carson's Updates - Week 5

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Week Five Weigh-in

  The effects of eating my way through Seattle was diminished by my bread diet. I’m back to feeling my […]

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Adding Beta Glucans to my Diet: Day 35

Today, my loaf of choice is Alvarado St. Bakery sprouted Barley Bread. Why Barley? Well, because barley is high in […]

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Bread from Across the World: Day 34

My family and I went to a Vietnamese restaurant today because I knew they would be happy with a hot […]

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Sun and Sprouts: Day 33

This week again I was surprised with 2 boxes of sprouted bread from Alvarado St. Bakery. So I guess you’ll […]

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sweet fruit bread

It’s a Sweet Day: Day 32

Puratos fired up their ovens for me again this week. They used their best quality Belgium white chocolate (Belcolade), cranberries, […]

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You Can Eat Bread on Paleo with This! Day 31

When Holista Foods sent in their paleo bread, I was puzzled. Why make bread that has no grains? I don’t […]

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Why Gluten-Free? Day 30

Smart Flour Foods, Franz Gluten-Free, and Saratoga Bakery sent in their gluten free breads. I’ll address the elephant in the […]

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Control Your Blood Sugar with This Low GI Bread: Day 29

Yes. I ate a lot of bread today. It’s almost half a day of yesterday’s loaf, plus today’s bread. Least […]

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