Dr. Carson's Updates - Week 12

scale- weigh-in-eat bread 90

Week Twelve Weigh-in

I can’t believe it. Just under a week left in my ninety days. Of course, it would take until the […]

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Pearl bakery fermentation bread shelf

I Found a Pearl in Portland: Day 82, 83 and 84

Delicious, crusty and full of aroma. The bread I received from Pearl Bakery had a great texture and was bursting […]

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pizza slice

The Pizza Diet: Day 80 and 81

I’ve wondered if I went on a pizza diet, how many slices would I have to consume a day? Looking […]

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basket of bread diet important

Is it Important to Eat Bread in Your Diet? Day 78 and 79

I’ve heard that over and over again from people who are trying to lose weight. It is really misleading when […]

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