Dr. Carson's Updates - Week 2

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Week Two Weigh-in

To all of you out there who have said I am going to gain weight on the challenge, here’s my […]

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Why Raw Kale Can Make You Fat: Day 14

I woke up feeling very hungry, so I made a ham egg and cheese sandwich with Sonoma Sun from Alvarado […]

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You Must be Cheating: Day 13

You only eat bread all day? How can you finish so much bread in a day? I don’t believe it, […]

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The Queen of Sweet Bread: Day 12

Craquelin, you must be the queen of sweet breads! I received an awesome tasting bread called Craquelin, made by the […]

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Happy to Eat Whole Wheat: Day 11

I was on the go again today, baking at the Wheat Marketing Center and making it to meetings. My pile […]

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Eat Bread All Day, Anywhere: Day 10

I figured how to make my jams and spreads portable. I must spread them on the slices every day before […]

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Raisins and Water: Day 9

The pain in my finger seems like a distant memory, now that I drink at least 8 cups of water […]

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Bagels, Baguette and Coffee Flour Bread: Day 8

I love bakers. Have I said that lately? Today I had the honor to try bread made for me by […]

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