As someone who loves bread, BAKERpedia founder Dr Lin Carson aims to dispel the myth that bread alone is responsible for weight gain and bloating and how, with healthier options, bread provides numerous health benefits and prevents cravings.

According to Dr Carson, it reflects a lack of basic nutritional knowledge on healthy bread choices that are a great source of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals – all necessary for a healthier heart, mind and body.

“There is no scientific evidence showing that bread alone makes you fat but there is a lot of ‘fake news’ out there making bread the all-round bad guy for any kind of weight gain and sugar crash,” says Dr Carson. “I intend to prove them wrong.”

How does it work?

Dr. Carson will consume half a pound of bread a day for 90 days straight. And the end of it, her goal is to lose 10 pounds.

She will continue with her daily routine of running her business, taking care of her home and family that include three sons and maintain her fitness regime of running, cycling and swimming three times a week.

Why do this?

With the growing popularity of carb-free diets like Paleo and Keto, bread is again thrust in the spotlight as the key obstacle to achieving weight loss goals.

Whole grains are an important part of any balanced diet so Dr Carson, an Industry Partner with the American Society of Baking (ASB) and well-regarded by her peers as a ‘Breadwinner’, will show that lipid catabolism, a well-known weight-loss technique that relies on carbs, is an effective and sustainable way to lose weight especially when coupled with healthy eating, portion control and regular exercise.


Why 90 days?

According to nutritionists, the best way to fully experience the effects of a new diet is to stay on it for at least 90 days and Dr Carson will fully commit to this. She is not initiating this challenge to get a rise out of anyone but fully intends to demonstrate that there is not a grain of truth to all the fitness and diet news out there sprouting advice on omitting bread from your diet as the ideal way to lose weight.

What types of bread will be eaten?

Anything from plain white to whole grain to bread that includes ingredients like pumpkin, chocolate chip, cinnamon etc.

This is a fantastic challenge! I run a bakery and would like to provide some bread. Where do I send them to?

Dr. Carson supports the baking industry and is passionate about all things bakery. If you believe in this ground-breaking initiative and would like to sponsor some bread, please send them to:

1200 NW Naito Parkway Suite 230, Portland, OR 97209

Attn: Ms Ana Rinck, Operations Manager, BAKERpedia

If you have any questions, please email Ana at [email protected]. In return for the kind sponsorship, your bread will be featured in Dr. Carson’s weekly post.


Follow Dr. Carson on her journey and track her progress to see if bread really deserves the bad rep it’s been getting worldwide.