Dr. Carson's Updates - Week 1

scale- weigh-in-eat bread 90

Week One Weigh-in

While I’m tracking my diet over the whole 90 days, I’ll also keep you updated on my weight once a […]

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Salt- eat bread 90 - sodium

Could Sodium be the Culprit? Day 7

I woke up today telling myself that I need to drastically cut sodium and drink more water to flush out the […]

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What is This Pain? Day 6

I want to sleep last night with an ache in my finger. This morning, it was worse, and by the […]

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doctor-bread-eat bread 90

What the Doctor Said: Day 5

The reason I started this journey is because I heard all this talk about how unhealthy bread is. “Bread will […]

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whole wheat bread- eat bread 90-gluten myth-blood sugar-diet

Setting the Gluten Myth Straight: Day 4

I have met many concerned individuals these days. Some of them keep telling me the gluten myth: if I consume […]

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Shitting Rainbows: Day 3

After my dry bread binge, I went shopping yesterday. I went down the jams and jellies aisle, just expecting plain […]

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Bread Bag Lady: Day 2

Goal: To not leave more than four slices of bread after 5 p.m. Plan. Plan. Plan. The strategy today is […]

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good about white bread-white bread-eb90-sliced bread

What's Good About White Bread? Day 1

Believe me, I was like a kid in a candy store looking at all the fresh loaves of bread that […]

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bakery-bread-eb90-weight gain from bread

Bread Makes You Fat

This was the immediate reaction from family and friends when I told them about my plan to embark on a […]

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