Dr. Carson's Updates - Week 3

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Week Three Weigh-in

Now, before you go running down the street yelling, “She’s gained weight. Oh My God, she’s eating all this bread […]

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The Calorie Police: Day 21

Ok, look. I’m not shy about what I eat, or reporting the sinful things that I eat on this blog. […]

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White Bread is Bad: Day 20

I love the bakers at Franz Bakery. I walked into my office and there was a box full of fresh […]

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No Need for a Sugar-high: Day 19

I’m really digging this Sprouted Diabetic Lifestyle bread from Alvarado St. Bakery. Their organic grains are sprouted and directly made […]

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Sprouted Grain Bread Nutrition is AMAZING! Day 18

With more and more sprouted grain bread popping up on grocery store shelves, you may be wondering, is it really […]

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Keep it Simple: Day 17

Today, I just wanted something simple. A plain whole wheat bread from Franz®. It was organic as well. It was […]

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A Grand Bread-Eating Day: Day 16

I scored big today! I went to Grand Central Baking Company® and received three large artisan sourdough loaves. I told […]

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A 5K Every Other Day: Day 15

I remembered running my first 5K seven years ago, after my third child was born.  It was a horrid experience; […]

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