Dr. Carson's Updates - Week 7

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Week Seven Weigh-in

  Weigh-in time again! As these two pictures clearly show, yes, you can maintain or even lose weight on a bread […]

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Eat bread 90

You’re Being Paid for Eating Bread: Day 47, 48 and 49

Someone said that to me today, to which I replied, “I wish, but don’t you think free bread is payment […]

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eat bread 90 eating lots of bread

Eating Lots of Bread Can’t be Healthy: Day 45 and 46

Here I am at the halfway point. It feels like I’ve been doing it forever because I’m so used to […]

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Grains are not for Human Consumption: Day 43 and 44

I usually don’t engage with negative criticism on social media. However, I’m on this journey to prove that bread and […]

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