Bread diets kill cravings

Week 6: Bread Diets Kill Cravings

Bread diets are so great, because it takes away cravings. So, my day goes like this:

  • Morning – eat bread
  • Afternoon – eat more bread
  • Evening – eat bread with family

Don’t you crave for other things on a bread diet?

That’s the monotony of this journey. When your diet is so predictable and restrictive, you put very little thought into your meal plan. Someone asked me, “Don’t you have any cravings during the day?” I really don’t. I believe I don’t have any cravings because bread fills me up very efficiently. As you may have noticed, all the breads that I have eaten are mostly whole grain or whole wheat. When I eat a couple of slices of bread, I can feel full for a couple of hours. Not only that, but because bread is so high in fiber and complex carbohydrates, it satiates me and prevents me from feeling any cravings.

With most diets that I have tried, especially with low-carb and low-calorie diets, I would be craving the entire candy store by the end of the day.  I find it pleasantly surprising that I don’t yearn for that sweet treat at the end of the day. I could pass by my favorite bakery and not buy a cream puff! Overall, a bread diet, even with sugar in the bread, has reduced my total sugar intake in my diet. I wasn’t expecting that!


Eat bread, fill full, no cravings. Wow. What a deal!


Food Portion Calories
Sprouted bread* 4 slices 440
Fried egg sandwich 2 slices 400
Butter 2 Tbsp 200
Coconut water 8.5 oz 45
Strawberries 1 80
Soup 1C 200
Sauteed spinach 1C 56
Excercise -100
Total Calories 1321

* This week, I am finishing up the bread that BBU Brasil sent me.


My weight at the start of the 90 days.

The first weigh-in: 147.4


Week 6 weigh in: 143.6 lbs.

Week 6 weigh in: 143.6 lbs.

Have I have officially plateaued on my bread diet? Exercise would help!

Week 4: Have I Officially Plateaued on My Bread Diet?

Every dieter’s nightmare is to look at the scale, and after all the hard work that you’ve put in, you don’t move the needle at all (or least reduced the numbers digitally).  It only means one thing. I’ve finally met the caloric needs of my lighter self. The equation needs to be changed. Either I increase my caloric needs (through exercise), decrease my caloric intake further, or both.

I have to admit, I haven’t been exercising much during my diet

Every time I run a 5K, my body wants more calories and I end up eating more than I exercise. That is why most people like me don’t lose weight while performing high impact extended exercises. The output just doesn’t exceed the input.

The weekends are really bad too. When I bake and cook for my family of five, I tend to dig into their share as well.  So, as a mom, I really have to control what goes into my mouth. It definitely can not include macaroni and cheese or the frequent Tater Tot (my kid’s favorite).  Therefore, to all the moms out there who bake and cook: I feel you.

Grilled cheese on multigrain bread (not exactly a diet food).

Grilled cheese on multigrain bread (not exactly a diet food).

So, this week, I dug further into exercise research

To my surprise, a study showed that the most effective weight loss can be achieved by performing no more than 30 mins of cardiovascular exercise. Seriously? All this time I thought I had to burn more to lose more and that is just not true!

Armed with this knowledge, I’m going to approach my bread diet with a healthy dose of exercise. Here’s what my an average day in four week looked like:

Food Portion Calories
Multi grain bread

4 slices


Grilled cheddar cheese on multigrain

2 slices



 2 Tbsp


Orange juice With Calcium and Vitamin D

8 oz





Grilled chicken sandwich

2 slices


Sautéed spinach



Total calories



My weight at the start of the 90 days.

The first weigh-in: 147.4


Week 4: DIdn’t lose weight.

Week 4 weigh in: 144.4 lbs, same as last week.

Eating healthy bread to lose weight: week 1

Week 1: Eating to Lose Weight is Hard. Bread Helps.

How did the first 7 days go eating to lose weight?

Tough, but worth it. I lost about one pound.

The toughest part? It is educating everyone around me on my bread diet. They bring me food and ask me to go out to lunch. And cooking meals for my family that is non-bread based is all very challenging.

What’s different this time around?

I used My Fitness Pal app to track all my caloric intake. 50% of my calories came from bread. My target caloric count for losing weight is about 1,500 calories per day. If I stick to this, 750 calories should come from bread, and that would mean about 6-7 slices per day!  Come to think about it, 2 in the morning, 2 at lunch and 2 for snacks in the afternoon, and if I spread it out, voila! I should be able to cover all my hunger pangs. Sounds super easy yeah?

franz organic nine grain bread to lose weight

Wrong. It was hard to stick to that eating schedule. You know what they say about dieting: calorie deficiency isn’t the easiest thing.

Why is it so easy to put on, and yet so difficult to loose weight!

So my first week was plagued by me snacking on other things other than bread. Chips here, dumplings there, and that muffin’s calling my name!

klosterman organic 100 whole wheat bread

So all in all, I tried to keep as close to my caloric intake goal as I can on bread to lose weight. The result? I didn’t feel hungry all the time, but the weight is not falling off as much as I thought it would. I feel this is because of all the eating I do other than bread. So I’m going to do something different next week. I’m going to really streamline what I put in my mouth and be really disciplined about it.

This week I ate bread from two wonderful bakeries: Franz and Klosterman’s. Both of these products are organic, made with quality ingredients, and to top it all off, taste delicious! It’s loaves like this that will make eating bread to lose weight possible. Stop by my bread gallery to see all the breads I’ve eaten during my 90 days projects.

This is what a typical day looks like:


Franz The Great Sprouted / 4 slices  /  440

Klosterman’s Homestyle Wheat Bread  /  4 slices  /  320

Butter  /  1 Tbsp  /  100

Garlic and Herb cheese Spread  /  2 Tbsp  /  110

Clementines  /  190

Coconut Water  /  8.5 oz   / 45

Strawberry yogurt  /  113g  /  90

Perogies  /  3pc  /   45

Roasted Chicken Thigh  /  2.5 oz  /  108

Buttered Broccoli  /  1C  /  50

Strawberries  /  1C  /  49

Chocolate Eggs*  /  6 pcs  /  160

Total Calories:1607

*chocolate eggs are not part of a healthy diet. However, it’s Easter egg season, and I need my easter eggs! No wonder losing weight is so HARD!

Before the start of my 90 days, this was my weight:

My weight at the start of the 90 days.

The first weigh-in: 147.4 lbs.


Week 1 weigh in

Week 1 weigh-in: 146.2 lbs.


1 pound down, 9 more to go!


What Do You Drink? Day 37

Today is another white bread kind of day. So I mixed it up with Oroweat’s 100% Whole Wheat and Artesano white bread. This is about the third time I’ve got to enjoy eating Artesano. It really toasts up very well.

Sara Lee's Artesano bread.

Sara Lee’s Artesano bread.

There has been inquiries on my beverage consumption. Do you not drink soda? How about alcohol? Don’t you need caffeine? No, no and yes.

I drink about 10 cups of water on most days. I don’t measure it out. It has always been part of my routine. Or perhaps it’s been my mom nagging me all these years. I love water and I don’t really need anything else. I view soda and alcohol as empty calories. That is the main reason I don’t consume either. Honestly, I’d rather consume my calories in a foreign sounding dessert (Kouign Amman anyone?) than a large cup of soda or a milk shake.

I do ONE cup of black coffee in the morning, with Stevia, therefore I don’t report it in my caloric consumption. I really believe in the potent antioxidant content in coffee, I’m a true believer in good coffee, and one cup of caffeine is really all I need to drive me through the day.

Mixing it up

As Connie told me to increase my calcium consumption in the form of nut milk, I decided to be bold and try different nut milks. The almond kind was okay. Bland, but palatable. Then I tasted Cashew nut milk last night. It was the most horrendous drink I have ever consumed. It tasted like a slurry of chalk and Elmer’s glue! Did this big brand even send this product for sensory testing? How can it be ok to sell this? I want my money back. Least to say, it would be cruel for me to pass this nut milk off to someone at NedSpace, so I had to pour it down the sink.

One thing I cannot get enough of is coconut water. I drink it because it is high in potassium and I need potassium to counteract the sodium levels in my bread diet. It has calories, so I do limit myself to 2 cups a day. I stock up on coconut water at the Asian grocery store. They are much cheaper there because they import it directly from Thailand (coconut water capitol of the world).

Yes, I do drink many kinds of healthy beverages, but I also keep away from unhealthy ones. A good diet is all about making the right choices, and understanding where your calories are coming from. With this diet, I hope to show you that you can have a ton of fun, eat the food that you enjoy, and not gain a single pound.  I can do it. So can you!

Here’s what I ate on Day 37 of EB90:

Food Portion Calories
Oroweat® Whole Grains 6 slices (38g) 480
Sara Lee® Artesano 6 slices (38g) 600
Sugar Free Strawberry Jam 2 Tbsp 160
Coconut water 2 C 100
Butter 1 Tbsp 100
Homemade Pesto 1 Tbsp 80
Yogurt Cheese Spread 1 Tbsp 22.5
Nutella 1 Tbsp 100
BBQ Pork 2 oz 140
Sauteed Greens 100g 150
Orange 1/2 orange 40
Blueberries 1/2 C 40
Strawberries 4 20
Run -500
Total 1532.5


whole wheat-eat bread 90 slice

Keep it Simple: Day 17

Today, I just wanted something simple. A plain whole wheat bread from Franz®. It was organic as well. It was a slightly sweet bread with all the nutrition of whole wheat. The bread was lighter compared to the artisan breads I ate yesterday, so I had to eat 11 slices of it.

I am actually getting very skilled at getting down all this bread by 5 p.m. So that when I get home, I can still have dinner with my family. Tonight, we had Salmon and green beans. I also had a little Pistachio gelato left in the freezer. Consider that gone!

Here’s what I ate on Day 17 of EB90:

Food Portion Calories
Franz® 100% Whole Wheat 11 slices (43g) 1100
Deli Chicken Breast 3 slices 50
Strawberries 1/2C 24
Berry whipped cream cheese 2 Tbsp 50
Dickinson’s® Lemon Curd 4 Tbsp 240
Siggi’s® Skyr Vanilla 1/2 C 60
Pan Fried Salmon 6 oz 371
Green Beans 1 C 50
Green Apple 1 80
Gelato 1C 400
Run and Bike -450
Total 1975