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Being Sick is Rough: Days 65, 66, 67 and 68

One of the things I did not plan for on this journey is illness. I went for two outpatient procedures on day 65 and 67, and therefore, didn’t eat as much bread this week. The first procedure knocked me out the whole day, so there wasn’t time enough to consume a whole loaf. The second procedure involved a tooth, so eating and chewing bread was a tough one.

One of the solutions that came forth was bread pudding, so I used this recipe to make a soft and warm bourbon glazed bread pudding that was really was easy to consume – together with all those calorie laden ingredients in the recipe!

bread pudding Rotellas

A delicious warm and custardy bread pudding was made with Rotella’s bread, topped with a creamy bourbon glaze.

A delicious warm and custardy bread pudding was made with Rotella’s bread, topped with a creamy bourbon glaze

Being ill is what I’m disliking most about this journey. I can’t challenge myself if I’m not in tip top condition. In addition, exercising was thrown out the window because I was either in pain or too weak to walk. Yes, I was a little down and upset these last few days.

I even made chicken soup so that my entire family can drown together in my sorrows with me.  I thought it was my worst chicken soup from a bag mix, but the kids still lapped it up. It’s going to take a few more days before I can get out from under this cloud.

I am really thankful for Rotella’s bread that was sitting on my counter and nursing me out of this misery. No, I’m not tired of consuming bread. I’m sad that I cannot consume enough. I really think I’ve affirmed something at this point in my journey – that eating bread makes me happy.

Eating bread with exercise makes me extremely happy.

bread stack rotellas

My bread stack for a day’s worth of bread.

On day 68, I was able to get out of bed and started eating my day’s worth of bread again. Can’t help but say that it truly brought me back to my almost normal self again. So thank you Rotella’s Italian Bakery. I got back on track again because your bread was waiting for me.

Here’s what I ate on Days 65, 66, 67 and 68 of EB90:

Food Portion  Calories 
Day 65 (Sick)
White bread 2 Slices (38g) 140
Butter 1 Tbsp 100
Pizza 2 Slices 680
Golden Oreo 3 170
Ice Cream 70g 160
Total 1250
Day 66
White bread 2 slices (38g) 140
Cranberry whole grain 4 slices(45g) 420
Whole Grain bread 4 slices (38g) 320
Baguette 100g 255
Butter 2 Tbsp 200
Ricotta Cheese 1/4 C 100
Sugar Free Strawberry Jam 2 Tbsp 40
Beef stew with Carrots 115g 250
Cherries 1C 74
Coconut water 2 C 100
Calcium Supp
Total 1899
Day 67 (sick)
White bread 2 slices (38g) 140
Chicken Noodle Soup 3 C 360
Bread Pudding 4 Slices 750
Bagel 1(100g) 210
Baguette 100g 255
Butter 2 Tbsp 200
Day 68
Raisin Bread 2 slices 180
Bagel 1(100g) 210
Whole wheat bread 3 slices (45g) 285
Rotella’s Biscuit Bun with Ham and Cheese 90g 300
Rotella’s Brioche Bun 80g 270
Butter 2 Tbsp 200
Ricotta Cheese 1/4 C 100
Lemon Curd 2 Tbsp 120
Grilled Pork Ribs 2 244
Brussel Sprouts 1 C 82
Strawberries 1C 50
Calcium Supp
 Total 2041


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