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I Want to Make Them Happy: Day 28

I know what’s it like to travel with a friend on such a strict diet. So for today, I’ll try to be fun for my friends. I said ‘yes’ to Dim Sum. For those of you not familiar with this Asian culture, Dim Sum is mostly consumed at brunch. It originated from the Canton province in China, and it is similar to Tapas, where small plates of food are served. We ordered a variety of plates, and I got 2 servings of bread with the BBQ pork steamed bun.

Soft and silky steamed BBQ pork buns, Red bean glutinous rice ball covered in sesame seeds and fried noodles with bean sprouts were part of our Dim Sum brunch.

Dim sum was delicious, but we had to part ways today to go back home to our families and my well-structured life. Let’s hope they have no negative opinions on me my bread diet, which really restricted them in some ways on the types of restaurants we could go to (I apologize for not doing sushi with you!).

Upon reaching home after a 3 hour ride on the Amtrak, I was still full. I couldn’t eat anything else. Come 5 p.m., I had still about all of my day’s bread consumption not eaten. So I ate two slices, and kept the rest for the next day’s challenge.

Crispy Ciabatta and wholesome rye sourdough bread.

Crispy Ciabatta and wholesome rye sourdough bread.

Here’s what I ate on Day 28 of EB90:

Food Portion Calories
Grand Central Baking Ciabatta Loaf 200g 560
Grand Central Baking Rye Sourdough 4 slices (50g) 560
Chinese Steamed BBQ Pork Bun 80 g 150
Fried noodles 6 oz 500
Chinese Broccoli 2 C 200
Glutinouse rice balls 2 380
Pork dumpling 1 90
Shrimp dumpling 1 80
Orange 1 orange 45
Cappucino 1 C 75
Coconut water 1 C 45
Walk and run -500
Total 2185


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