Bread diets kill cravings

Week 6: Bread Diets Kill Cravings

Bread diets are so great, because it takes away cravings. So, my day goes like this:

  • Morning – eat bread
  • Afternoon – eat more bread
  • Evening – eat bread with family

Don’t you crave for other things on a bread diet?

That’s the monotony of this journey. When your diet is so predictable and restrictive, you put very little thought into your meal plan. Someone asked me, “Don’t you have any cravings during the day?” I really don’t. I believe I don’t have any cravings because bread fills me up very efficiently. As you may have noticed, all the breads that I have eaten are mostly whole grain or whole wheat. When I eat a couple of slices of bread, I can feel full for a couple of hours. Not only that, but because bread is so high in fiber and complex carbohydrates, it satiates me and prevents me from feeling any cravings.

With most diets that I have tried, especially with low-carb and low-calorie diets, I would be craving the entire candy store by the end of the day.  I find it pleasantly surprising that I don’t yearn for that sweet treat at the end of the day. I could pass by my favorite bakery and not buy a cream puff! Overall, a bread diet, even with sugar in the bread, has reduced my total sugar intake in my diet. I wasn’t expecting that!


Eat bread, fill full, no cravings. Wow. What a deal!


Food Portion Calories
Sprouted bread* 4 slices 440
Fried egg sandwich 2 slices 400
Butter 2 Tbsp 200
Coconut water 8.5 oz 45
Strawberries 1 80
Soup 1C 200
Sauteed spinach 1C 56
Excercise -100
Total Calories 1321

* This week, I am finishing up the bread that BBU Brasil sent me.


My weight at the start of the 90 days.

The first weigh-in: 147.4


Week 6 weigh in: 143.6 lbs.

Week 6 weigh in: 143.6 lbs.

flour-bob's red mill

The Whole Grain Story: Day 54 and 55

I met Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill many years ago when he took us on a tour at their Milwaukee mill. Bob believes that only a stone mill can create a superb whole grain flour. Using quartz millstones, Bob’s Red Mills uses this method of stone milling to produce whole grain flours. Stone ground flour ensures that the most nutritious parts of the whole grain remain, packing in the wholesome goodness of wheat.

In addition, millstones grind at a slower speed and cooler temperature than their high-speed steel mill counterparts. This way, there is less impact on the inherent nutrients and flavor of the grains. This may not seem like the easiest way to produce flour efficiently with modern technology. However, it is their passion to mill flour this way, and as passion goes, it is what feeds Bob’s Red Mill success today.

The first whole grain loaf of bread that came out of my wife Charlee’s oven on our five acre farm back in the 60s was the most delicious loaf of bread I can ever remember smelling and eating.

— Bob Moore

This success is seen at Bob’s Red Mill 325,000 sq. feet world class manufacturing facility and headquarters in Milwaukie, Oregon. It there that they produce thousands of products every day, with the same high quality, old-fashioned techniques that their customers have come to trust.

I stopped by their Whole Grain Store & Bakery to pick up loaves of freshly baked bread. I believe no Portland bread diet should ever miss the opportunity to give this special place a try. I do have to admit though, I never leave without buying bags and bags of different flours. My passion in bread baking at home has made me a regular to this store.

Strawberry jam with Bob's Red Mill spelt bread.

Strawberry jam with Bob’s Red Mill spelt bread.

It is truly a bread baker’s dream to shop in this store. You should definitely visit the next time you’re in Portland. You might even see Bob there visiting with customers or playing the piano.

Here’s what I ate on Days 54 and 55 of EB90:

Food Portion  Calories
Day 54
Bob’s Red Mills Spelt Bread 4 slices (52g) 800
Bob’s Red Mills 10 Grain Bread 3 slices (47g) 330
Bob’s Red Mills English Muffin Bread 3 Slices (42g) 300
Bob’s Red Mills Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie 1 cookie 210
Apricot Sugar-Free Jam 2 Tbsp 40
Justin’s Almond Honey Nut Butter 1 Tbsp 190
Nutella 1 tbsp 100
Ricotta Cheese 1/4 C 100
Chocolate lemon cake 300
Pork Stew 300
Sauteed Spinach 1 C 48
Coconut water 2 C 100
Calcium Supp
Run -510
Total 2308
Day 55 
Bob’s Red Mills Spelt Bread 3 Slices (47g) 600
Bob’s Red Mills 10 Grain Bread 4 Slices (47g) 440
Bob’s Red Mills ENglish Muffin Bread 3 slices (42g) 300
Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and Hash browns 300
Apricot Sugar-Free Jam 2 Tbsp 40
Justin’s Almond Honey Nut Butter 1 Tbsp 190
Nutella 1 tbsp 100
Ricotta Cheese 1/4 C 100
Chocolate lemon cake 300
Quesadilla 1 slice 100
Kale (cooked) 1 C 33
Chicken noodle soup 2 C 250
Coconut water 2 C 100
Calcium Supp
Walk -200
 Total 2653


bread whole grain

Whole Grain Bread is a Whole Food

Whole grain bread is a whole food. A quick look at Dave’s Killer Bread 21 whole grains and seeds nutritional panel shows a food that is low in saturated fat (0g), a good source of dietary fiber (3g), and a good source of  manganese (25%). Let’s take a look at the benefits of eating whole grain bread and the nutrients found in them.

What are the benefits of low saturated fat?

Saturated fat can be recognized by its ability to stay solid at room temperature. Think about coconut oil, butter, and lard – they are all solid when left on the counter. Those are the obvious examples. Saturated fat can be kind of sneaky when it comes to processed foods. Aside from being incredibly tasty, pizza,bacon, donuts and ice cream are high in saturated fat.

So, what is the big deal? Why is the American Heart Association against fun foods?

It comes down to a pretty major disease known as heart disease. Heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the US. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 614,348 people died from heart disease in 2014.

And 23.4% of all deaths were from heart disease.

What does that have to do with whole grain bread? Well, decades of scientific research have proven whole grains can lower your “bad” cholesterol and lower your risk for heart disease. Eating foods that are low in saturated fats can give you a 23.4%  better chance to live to 101.

whole grain bread, whole grains, fiber, heart, healthy, diet

What are the benefits of dietary fiber?

You have probably heard that we all need to eat more fiber. Whole grain breads that contain at least 3% dietary fiber can  positively affect your  health. Did you know that eating high fiber foods can make you feel fuller longer?  This is because the fiber slows the rate that sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream. This slow absorption keeps blood glucose from spiking then falling rapidly. That feeling of hunger is due to rising and falling glucose triggering us to overeat. Foods high in fiber also keep your intestines working properly. Think of fiber as an internal loofa! It cleans bacteria and waste buildup in your intestines reducing the risk of colon cancer and keeping you regular.

Forget about those new cleansing diets where all you do is drink juice; a few slices of whole grain bread with your favorite spread will help you go with the flow!

What are the benefits of manganese?

Whole grain bread is full of essential minerals. What makes minerals essential? All that means is that your body requires these workhorses to continue to function. Essential minerals are categorized by how much our bodies need. You are probably most familiar with the macro minerals: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride and sulfur. However, there are also important trace minerals our bodies require such as iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, cobalt, fluoride, and selenium.

Manganese is a mineral needed in trace amounts by our bodies. Manganese is found in the bones, liver, and kidneys. It is an essential part of many important enzymes involved with energy production, bone and ligament formation, protein and fat metabolism. More study is needed to fully understand how this trace mineral help our bodies function, but researches have learned that deficiencies in manganese can result in arrhythmia, epileptic seizures, abnormal bone, cartilage and disk degeneration (Campbell 2001).

How can you get whole grains in your diet?

Whole grain bread provides some pretty great health benefits when eaten as part of your diet. Aside from the benefits of low saturated fat, being a great source of fiber, and containing many essential minerals it is incredible versatile. You can eat it with an endless selection of toppings from sweet to savory or just toasted with some butter.

When choosing a whole grain bread check for these ingredients on the label:

  • whole wheat
  • graham flour
  • oats
  • brown rice
  • whole-grain barley
  • whole-wheat bulgur
  • whole rye

If you would like to learn more about the health benefits of eating whole grains, check out the research published in the Journal of Nutrition:

If you would like to learn more about essential minerals and your health read:

  • Campbell, J.D. “Lifestyle, minerals and health.” Medical Hypotheses 57.5 (2001): 521-531.
Daves Killer Bread whole grains nutrtional pannel

Nutritional panel for Dave’s Killer Bread 21 whole grains and seeds.

Egg Challah from the King's Kitchen and Bakery

Who’s the King? Day 52 and 53

Today at the International Symposium on Bread, Mike Pappas from The King’s Kitchen hosted our private bread tasting party. What is unusual about this bakery? The King’s Kitchen operates as a public restaurant, serving local, healthy, Southern cuisine and the profits and proceeds from “The King’s Kitchen” goes toward feeding the poor.

A delicious array of bread available for us to taste. Made from 100% natural levain.


In addition, The King’s Kitchen works with “The Restoration Program,” a five-part training program to employ, train and minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to the homeless, the poor, troubled youth, rehab graduates and other members of our community who need employment.

Mike Pappas is a traditional baker who wants to bring historical products, in a modern context, that meet global standards. At the tasting party, I got to try a bread he developed: 50% organic whole wheat flour that also has a bit of semolina, butter, fennel, anise, red wine vinegar, and mountain honey. It was delicious!

Mike told me he uses 100% natural, multi-grain liquid levain, “that has some other fun bells and whistles that I add to it.”

Mike Pappas from the King's Kitchen and Bakery

Mike Pappas, an Executive Chef, a Yeast Trapper, an On the Bench Baker, a Mature Pastry Maker and a Highly Developed Savory Chef, showcases the bread he baked for our private bread tasting party.

In other bread news, I have volunteered to take the title of Crumbassador for the Portland region! What does that mean? Well, Dr. Nedezhda Savova-Grigorvova, a cultural anthropologist has created a game called Bread without Borders.

After seeing so much hurt and conflict in the world, Dr. Savova-Grigorvova begin to wonder if there was a simple solution to bring unity and happiness.

She saw one way to unite people around the world with through something they have in common—bread.

Many countries see bread as way of friendship and sharing. So starting in the middle east and Africa, she hosted bread baking events across the globe until 7 years later it became the Bread House Network. Now, she is releasing the game Bread without Borders. Built from her knowledge and experience, it’s an educational game she knows will help individuals and communities.

We will be working with partners like the Wheat Marketing Center, and other local bakeries to play this game, and bring our local communities together. I just jumped at the chance that Team BAKERpedia could be part of this new wave of community development around bakeries.

Whole wheat 100% Levain from Mike Pappas

My favorite: a 50% organic Lindley Mills Whole Wheat (the other nearly 50% is Sir Galahad) that also has a bit of semolina, butter, fennel, anise, red wine vinegar, and mountain honey.

Here’s what I ate on Days 52 and 53 of EB90:

Food Portion   Calories  
Day 52
Whole grain sourdough 6 slices 600
Egg Challah 6 slices 660
Mozerella cheese 3oz 240
Apple 1 95
Apricot Sugar-Free Jam 2 Tbsp 40
Nutella 1 tbsp 100
Ricotta Cheese 1/4 C 100
Handmade Beef Noodles 1 C 300
Total 2135
Day 53 
Whole grain sourdough 6 slices 600
Egg Challah 2 slices 660
Jim Little’s Croissant 50g 230
Fried Kale 1C 120
Apricot Sugar-Free Jam 2 Tbsp 40
Nutella 1 tbsp 100
Ricotta Cheese 1/4 C 100
Chocolate lemon cake 300
Walk -240
Total 1910
David Deblauwe and Dr. Lin Carson

My podcast co-host, David Deblauwe and I tasting the fabulous bread (and goofing around).


white bread slices-eat bread 90

White Bread is Bad: Day 20

Great Seed Bread.

Great Seed Bread.

I love the bakers at Franz Bakery. I walked into my office and there was a box full of fresh bread just sitting on my chair waiting for me. Today, I choose Whole Grain White and Great Seed. These are just amazing tasting breads.

Many people have lectured me about not eating white bread because it is bad. Now, before any of you condemn this white bread, remember: not all white breads are created equal. The recent surge on the market shows a new line of bread that is made from white wheat.

Whole Grain White Wheat by Franz.

Whole Grain White Wheat by Franz.

Did they bleach the wheat?

No, this flour is from whole grain white wheat.

Is this white wheat GMO?

No. it’s been around for a long time (Wait, before you go there, remember, there is no GMO wheat!). Red wheats are more common, and whole grain red wheats color the bread brown, which is traditionally your brown whole wheat bread.

Now that I’ve explained the difference between white and red wheat, you should feel comfortable eating a whole grain white bread, because it is as nutritionally good for you as the regular whole wheat bread. Go eat your bread white!

Here’s what I ate on Day 20 of EB90:

Franz® Whole Grain White 5 slices (40g) 500
Franz® Great Seed 6 slices (43) 660
Tilamook® Butter (Salted) 1 Tbsp 100
Ham 2 oz 60
Tillamook® sliced cheddar 1 Slice 45
Apple 1 95
Kale and sausage soup 1C 200
Quesadilla 1 Slice 400
Fried homemade dumplings 5  pieces 300
Smucker’s Sugar Free Strawberry Jam 2 Tbsp 20
Run -300
Bike -200
Total 1880


jam-sweet-eat bread 90

The Queen of Sweet Bread: Day 12

Craquelin, you must be the queen of sweet breads! I received an awesome tasting bread called Craquelin, made by the bakers at Puratos® using Tegral Soft’r Sweet Bread and pearl sugar.

Craquelin is a sweet and moist brioche from Belgian. Chunks of pearl sugar bits are added to the dough. As the dough bakes, the sugar melts, creating little pockets of sweetness throughout the brioche. And because real butter and eggs are used in this recipe, it’s a velvety and rich bread. It was a great bread by itself. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat a whole loaf of it in a day (calorie overload). I needed to mix it up with other bread like the Oroweat® Whole Grain and Birotes.

Grilled chicken, squash, potatoes with a slice of Birote.

Grilled chicken, squash, potatoes with a slice of Birote.

Birotes, originally from Mexico, look like small pointed baguettes. This unique loaf is made with eggs, lime and beer, giving it a distinctive flavor. The recipe dates back to mid-19th Century when Belgium baker Camille Pirotte was tasked with promoting French bread in Mexico under Maxmillian. After the war, he stayed and opened his own bakery, developing the “pan de Birote.”

These Birotes have a thick and crunchy crust with a chewy and salty interior. Made using O-tentic Durum and Sapore Fidelio, this bread had a great fermented aroma. It paired well my roasted chicken dinner tonight. A wonderful savory bread without any sugar, these Birotes had a resilient and chewy crumb, making it similar to the texture of sourdough.



I have been feeling under the weather with a head cold these couple of days. Therefore, I’ve toned down on the exercise significantly. My expenditure of calories has suffered because of this. Well, I’m not concerned because I lost weight last week, and if everything goes as planned, I’ll be the same weight this week as last week’s weigh in.

Here’s what I ate on Day 12 of EB90:

Food Portion Calories
Oroweat® Whole Grain 2 slices (38g) 160
Puratos® Craquelin 200g 800
Puratos® Birotes 200g 600
Kroger® Whipped Greek Cheese Spread 1 Tbsp 22.5
Siggi’s® Skyr Vanilla 1/2 C 60
Mango 1 200
Apricot Sugar-Free Jam 2 Tbsp 40
Boar’s Head Smoked Ham 2 oz 60
Tilamook Butter (Salted) 2 Tbsp 200
Roasted chicken dinner 400
Walk -150
Total 2392.5