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A Tradition in Swiss Bread: Day 89 and 90

Eat bread from Switzerland? I don’t know if I’ve ever tasted bread from there before! I am really amazed that the news of me eating bread has spread all the way to that part of the world. Least to say, I was very honored when bread from Pain Paillasse® came to me overnight. All I had to do was refresh it in the toaster oven for 10 minutes. Just like that and it was crispy on the outside, but moist and chewy on the inside.

Pain Paillasse bread

A delicious sesame loaf and a chunky olive loaf. Each of them had a great chew with a very crispy crust. A light sour lingers on the taste buds after eating the bread.

Pain Paillase is a unqiue hand-shaped bread made with a natural leaven and long fermentation time. It’s comes from the largest traditional bakery in Switzerland, with all bread cooked by wood fire. The bakery and bread owes it start to life-time baker Aimé Pouly. He opened his first bakery when he was just  24 years-old. By the 1990s, there were 11 bakeries and pain Paillasse bread—Pouly’s patented bread recipe—made its appearance.

“…we called this bread “pain Paillasse” in memory of the simple straw mattress on which bakers used to sleep while their dough rose.” – Aimé Pouly

The bakery and bread continued to gain popularity and awards. Pouly’s daughter, Sindy, now carries on the tradition paved by her late father, still using the original recipe.

What makes Pain Paillasse so special?

The key characteristics of the loaf is intensive dough hydration, extended fermentation time (24 hours), the use of a stone or wood oven and 100% all-natural ingredients.

The result is a beautiful crunchy crust, open crumb and rustic loaf with an authentic taste.

It’s a labor-intensive bread that needs highly-skilled bakers. Yet the bakery has created an industrial process. Anyone who produces Paillasse bread is carefully selected, trained and followed by the Pain Paillasse team. And you sure can taste the care and effort that goes into their bread!

Here’s what I ate on Days 89 and 90 of EB90:

Food Portion   Calories 
Day 89
Bagels 200g 520
Panne Paillaise Sesame 5 slices (30g) 450
Panne Paillaise Olive 5 slices (30g) 450
Berry Cream Cheese 2 Tbsp 50
Butter 2 Tbsp 200
Nutella 2 tbsp 200
Apricot Sugar-Free Jam 2 Tbsp 40
Brats 66g 196
Cauliflower 1 C 60
Banana 1 pc 110
Cycle/swim -400
 Total 1876
Day 90
Bagels 200g 520
Panne Paillaise Sesame 5 slices (30g) 450
Panne Paillaise Olive 5 slices (30g) 450
Hot Dog and Bun 270
Greek Cheese Spread 1 Tbsp 22.5
Butter 2 Tbsp 200
Croissant 240
Asparagus 1 C 27
Steak and Onions 200
Egg 1 78
Zucchini 1 C 68
Peanut Butter 1 Tbsp 95
Apricot Sugar-Free Jam 2 Tbsp 40
Cycle/Swim/Run -800
 Total 1860.5


Eat The Ball - pic 6

Eat the Ball! Days 58 and 59

This must be the most amazing thing I’ve seen since I started my bread eating journey. As much as I know about fermenting dough, these smooth football shapes just intrigued me to no end!

Made with only natural ingredients (no preservatives or flavor enhancers and non-GMO) and real butter from grass fed cows, the Eat the Ball® line features various sport shaped balls from football to soccer and even hockey pucks. Honestly, it makes bread eating fun again.  The balls of bread were all consumed when I arrived home. My kids just ate them plain. It was that good.


Eat the football

How did they create a fermented product taking on the shape of a football mold without air bubbles on the skin? How do the words on the ball appear so distinct and sharp? How is the interior so unbelievably uniform without the use of emulsifiers?

Have I gotten your attention yet?

The secret? Their patented Pro.ferment.iced ® technology. I wish I can tell you all about it, but I haven’t spoken with the founder of this technology yet. As far as I can guess, it must be using some kind of low stress manufacturing utilizing or low temperature fermentation over a long period of time. One thing for sure: the aroma from this bread is strong and yeasty.

Soccer balls from Eat the Ball.

Soccer balls from Eat the Ball.

Eat the Ball® is the vehicle for a new technology. Their patented system is an example of a novel food processing system with the primary purpose of feeding our future generations sensibly. A bread with a long shelf life in combination with all natural ingredients is the key to avoiding bread waste and to providing the ever-growing world population with healthy and nutritious food.

The best part about this bread company is that they have founded the ONE BALL FOUNDATION to provide funding for novel food technology projects.

Here’s what I ate on Days 58 and 59 of EB90:

Food Portion  Calories
Day 58
Bob’s Red Mills Spelt Bread 4 slices (52g) 800
Bob’s Red Mills 10 Grain Bread 3 slices (47g) 330
Olive Ciabatta 200 g 420
Onion bun 78 g 190
Hot Dog buns 2 (43g) 270
Hot dogs 240 240
Ricotta Cheese 1/4 C 100
Apricot Sugar-Free Jam 2 Tbsp 40
Butter 2 Tbsp 200
Roasted Vegetables 1 Tbsp 100
Cauliflower 1 C 60
Coconut water 2 C 100
Calcium Supp
Total 2850
Day 59
Football 135 360
Baseball Roll 90 230
Hockey Puck 90 240
Oroweat Whole Grains Double Fiber 4 slices (38g) 320
Salami 6 slices 110
Ricotta Cheese 1/4 C 100
Meat loaf 4 oz 260
Cauliflower 1 C 60
Pineapple 3 oz 41
 Total 1721