What the Doctor Said: Day 5

The reason I started this journey is because I heard all this talk about how unhealthy bread is.

“Bread will make you fat.”

“I get bloated all the time after eating bread.”

“I heard bread is bad for you.”

“I’m on Paleo because carbs are bad for you.”

Bread has been painted as an all-around bad guy.

Even today, the people who come up to tell me that I am doing harm to myself and I need to check my blood work, have no idea about how harmless bread is. People are consistently inundated with information that put bread in the worst possible light.

A couple of people even compared my journey to the Super Size Me documentary. There is no comparison ladies and gentlemen. Bread is a much superior food compared to fast food. I don’t blame you though, the recent literature on bread has made bread look just as bad.

Therefore, I’m on this journey to convince you that bread is a very safe food to eat, and that I won’t be harmed from eating so much bread. You should feel safe eating a few slices of bread a day. It’s okay!

Checking in with the Doc

I did go to my Doctor to obtain pre-diet blood work. He looked at me all weird when I explained my diet to him.  Before he waved me away, saying that I have nothing to worry about because this is not a high-risk diet, he told me to keep exercise as part of my lifestyle. I could see that he was irritated by me taking his time to ask for a simple blood work for a non-high risk diet. I had to listen to his lecture on exercise, as a respect for his time.

I need to share this with you because I believe it. He referred to exercise as sanding a door. If you sanded the door with the same force and tool for 60 seconds, vs. sanding it for five minutes over a period of 12 hours, you will find a deeper hole in the first scenario. Why? This is because of the heat generated from friction that makes the sanding more efficient over an extended period of time.

He then emphasized that I should be doing my exercise all at once during the day, and not spread out my exercise routine throughout the day. Got it, Doc!

doctor note- eat bread 90

All my vitals were normal (except that my sunshine vitamin was a little low – that’s Portland weather for you). He even gave me a smiley face.

My daily loaf

Today, I continue my journey with Dave’s Killer Bread’s Power Seed. Among all the breads I’ve eaten so far, this must be the only loaf that has THE BEST nutritional profile. Not only is it packed with nutrition, it’s done so with lower amounts of sodium and sugar. I’ve been watching my sodium and sugar levels the last few days, so this loaf finally gave me a relief.


Dave’s Killer Bread’s Power Seed.

It is also very high in protein. Since my slices already gave me over 60g of protein (our daily intake should be no less than 53g), I didn’t feel the need to add anymore protein to my intake for the day.  Lastly, because it is a multigrain bread packed with fiber, I felt extra satiated all the time! This is a wonderful bread to have in my diet, and I wished more bread were nutritionally comparable to the Power Seed.

Here’s what I ate on Day 5 of EB90:

Food Portion Calories
Powerseed 12 Slices (504g) 1200
Weight Watchers® Whipped Cream Cheese Spread 1 Tbsp 30
Almond Breeze® Almond Milk 1 Cup 100
Biscoff® Cookie Butter 1 Tbsp 85
Barney® Almond butter Vanilla + Espresso 1 Tbsp 95
World of Chia® Blackberry Fruit Spread 1 Tbsp 30
Berry whipped cream 2 Tbsp 50
Orange 1 orange 45
Kale and Kelp soup 1 C 48
Justin’s Nut Butter 2 Tbsp 190
Total 1873