Founder of BAKERpedia, Dr. Lin Carson will embark on a 90-Day Bread-Eating Challenge (EB90) to dispel the myth that bread alone is responsible for weight gain and bloating and how, with healthier options, bread provides numerous health benefits and prevents cravings.

The 90-Day Bread-Eating Challenge starts April 3rd when Dr. Carson will consume a whole loaf of bread a day for 90 days. That’s right:

One loaf.
For breakfast, lunch and dinner.

sprouts-eat bread 90

Romancing the Sprouts: Day 18

Alvarado St. Bakery is serious about their spouted bread. So serious that they sprout their grains in filtered water for […]

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whole wheat-eat bread 90 slice

Keep it Simple: Day 17

Today, I just wanted something simple. A plain whole wheat bread from Franz®. It was organic as well. It was […]

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sourdough-artisan-eat bread 90

A Grand Bread-Eating Day: Day 16

I scored big today! I went to Grand Central Baking Company® and received three large artisan sourdough loaves. I told […]

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Blog and Other Fun Facts About Eating Bread

bread-loaves-3-eat bread 90

Bread Q&A Part II

Does today’s bread resemble Neolithic bread? The basic process is the same.  The whole grains are ground and milled and […]

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eat bread 90-Q&A

Bread Q&A Part I

Will eating a loaf of bread a day for 90 days make me fat? Maybe, it depends on what you […]

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